1. illustrious-illustration:

    Notebook final based off the phrase: “in order to avoid detection”.

    (Source: brek-art)

  2. One of my favorite portrait studies

  3. Victoria Hayes

    Portrait- Project 5

  4. Afterlife Pieces, 2014

    Alice Woods

  5. RIley Burrus ©2014

    (Source: rileyburrus)

  6. Riley Burrus © 2014

    (Source: rileyburrus)

  7. whathasaliceart:

    Ace Murderer, 2014

  8. Zachary Mathre

    It Takes A Village

  9. Zachary Mathre


  10. Exercises for the portrait final in Illustrated Notebook.  

    Aural Brilliant
    Celestial Winter
    Entwined Adventure

    Ragged Weary

    Rock Hunched